Systems & Processes

Business Systems and Process Improvements

Most company owners are in business to grow their organisation and get it ready to either pass on to family members or sell or franchise.

To get the best price for all your hard work you must make sure there aren’t any gaps in your systems or processes, and that all your procedures are well documented. Your accounting, reporting and forecasting must be in order and accurate so that it is clear to a buyer what your business is really worth to them. This will make the selling/franchising run more smoothly and will ensure you get a better sales price and a quicker sale.

Any organisation is only as strong as its weakest link, so ensuring smooth, efficient processes – both individually and across departments or locations – is imperative. We can help you identify gaps or inefficiencies and ensure each process interfaces effectively with those it affects.

By-products of eliminating inefficiencies include happier, more motivated staff and more time and money.

Whatever you may need we can offer you a free consultation. If we don’t believe we can help, we’ll tell you. If we know we can enhance your business, we’ll tell you how.

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“Tina saved us a fortune and uncovered all sorts of opportunities. She enabled us to take control of our systems and exploit valuable information to drive the business. A true breath of fresh air”

David Stenning, MD, Embed Playsafe, Bath