Accounting & Forecasting

Accounting, Forecasting and Financial Reporting

These are essential elements of managing a business effectively, and often benefit from an experienced, objective review. For example, we often find ways toimprove cash flow or the visibility of key information, making it easier for you and your managers to plan accurately and make better informed decisions.

If you are seeking to expand we can help you to secure loan finance or to attract investors. If you want to sell your business we can prepare it for market and help you to attract the best deal.

If you want to sell your business easily and for a good price you need to make sure your financials are accurate and in order, with clear profit projections or cash flow forecasts.

Our accountancy training and our 30 years’ experience as financial controller/director for a variety of organisations means you can rely on us to manage your accounting and finance functions. We can do this on a temporary basis while you concentrate on other projects, or on an ongoing basis as a retained resource. We offer a straight talking, no nonsense, dependable service to make sure you are getting the best out of your business.

Fundamental to our nature, and therefore our approach, is the desire to improve businesses wherever possible. Don’t be surprised if we quickly uncover numerous ways to enhance and streamline yours.

Let us help you – Call 0808 1231399,email and we will tell you how.

“We called in Nozey Parkers to help us with our Sage software. Tina showed us how to make better use of the package – without investing in further modules. She has extensive knowledge but also great common sense – all too rare sometimes!”

Neil Taylor, GM, Drill Cut Ltd, Chipping Sodbury

“I would unhesitatingly recommend Tina if you need a strong, organised and calm accountant.”

David Hope, Group FD, Embed Playsafe, Bath