Good boss

Today I’ll be looking at ways you can become a better boss and leader to your staff.

Let’s face it most people become a boss by default.

They don’t get any training. It’s simply that the business has grown, and employed more people who need managing.

Many of my clients started as a sole trader from a garage or spare bedroom, and now they run companies with tens or hundreds of staff.

So, what does it take to be a good boss and leader?

  1. Good Communication.

Think about the way you communicate with your team. This includes your tone of voice, timing and body language.

How you choose to communicate will motivate or demotivate staff members, inspire them, or make them feel a failure, vulnerable and alienated.


  1. Don’t micromanage

Employ the right people, with the right skills and attitude, and then empower them to do their job.

. Let your staff know that it is okay to get things wrong, and that it is important to work through problems together and learn from mistakes.

This helps companies to become more creative and inventive.


  1. Get to know your teams

Take the time to know your individual team members.

Ask about their family lives, hobbies and ambitions. Take a genuine interest in them, and find out what drives them.

This knowledge will make it easier to get the best out of your team.

Know your employees’ career aspirations and where possible provide opportunities for development and training.

Fun staff evening events and days out, are great ways for helping staff relax and open up to you


  1. Deal with staff complaints immediately.

Employee disagreements and complaints need to be dealt with immediately. If you don’t it will impact on staff morale, could lead to legal action, and will impact on productivity and profits.


  1. Ensure your business has a mission beyond making money.

What are your core values and mission statement? It shouldn’t just be about profits, it needs to focus on people. This provides your employees with a reason for their work.

Bosses in smaller companies need to know that it is important for staff to feel part of a team. Look out for our blog on company values and culture for more on this.


  1. Understand the importance of integrity.

A high percentage of the world’s most successful companies have integrity, trust and respect at the heart of what they do.

This approach is vital to the strength of a company’s brand and its reputation management.

It will also help in the recruitment and retention of quality staff. This is especially relevant for businesses interested in attracting high-calibre school and college leavers who are more demanding about the companies they work for than previous generations.


  1. Keep learning.

Work at developing your own skills and knowledge, including emerging themes, trends and developments in your sector. And ensure that you share this with your team, and encourage them to learn and develop.


  1. Do one task at a time.

It’s all too tempting to rush ahead and try to do too many jobs at once. This will only lead to chaos, unfinished tasks and failure. As organisational psychologist Tasha Eurich has said: “It is far better to make progress in one area than to make little or none in five.”


  1. Follow your business plan and monitor results.

Ensure you follow your business plan, and reward staff against agreed objectives. Update the team regularly on progress and shared success.


  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Get the best out of your staff by giving them some control. Delegation means that you can create the time to think strategically and take the business forward.

Be positive, patient, empathetic and courteous. And thank staff for their work and efforts, giving clear examples of achievements.

In summary, be the kind of boss you would want to work for.

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