In my last blog I explained the importance of systems within your business.

Remember Systemise stands for Save     Your    Self   Time   Energy   and    Money  Instead of being    Stressed   and    Exhausted.

Here I am looking at ways you can make a start, if you have not done so already? You kind find advice on all these tasks from my other blogs.

  1. Work out your company vision and mission. That’s Why do you do what you do and what problems do you want to solve. When do you want to complete certain things, for whom do you want to provide products and services, and what are your products and services.
  2. What are the business goals? What do you want to achieve short and long term? Think target revenues, customer satisfaction rates, set up some key performance indicators.
  3. If you have others that work with you include these people in the process of setting up the goals. Delegate authority levels for making business decisions effectively. Create a company policy and rule book.
  4. Analyse your business. Get everything out of your head onto paper or digital files. Make each step by step process as detailed and as in plain English as possible, so that anyone can understand it. Get all the step by step procedures, that make up the processes, documented so it is clear how the task gets done, by whom, what the task is, when it gets done, and what is the desired outcome. This way all staff know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and to what standard. You will have a sales process, marketing process, HR, process, etc. What apps or software you use and how to use them will also be part of your documented processes.
  5. There may be some tasks that do not have a process already being followed, so you will have to create one.
  6. Put all the documentation into one operations manual and make sure it is shared to all staff. It makes more sense now for documents to be in the cloud as then when changes to your manual need to be made they are just made to the one copy and all staff sees the updated version. Online documentation of your systems means it is less likely to be miscommunicated if processes change. BUT you must make staff aware however that a change has been made! When creating all your procedures and processes, take into account what you want the customer and staff member experience to be, as well.
  7. Have detailed job descriptions for all staff members pointing out which tasks from the operations manual, are their responsibility. This will ensure quality and consistency of task completion.
  8. Invest time and money in your staff by making sure they fully understand their role and the company vision, mission and goals. Take time to train them in the company way.
  9. Delegate to free yourself from the day to day running of your business, so you can work on taking your business to the next level, planning for retirement, playing golf or spending time with friends and family.
  10. You must also measure your results. Determine what your base figures or starting point and KPIs are. I.e. how many customer calls handled in a week, income per week, machinery breakdowns, job profit, etc. Then report and measure to show how your business and staff are performing.
  11. You might want a check list or to structure your documents and forms so it works through a process, so nothing is forgotten.

I know you are saying “ I don’t have the time to spend on systemising my business” because” it takes longer to show someone else how to do it, and get it documented, rather than doing it myself!”.

Once you have invested the time in getting your business systemised at the beginning, you only then have to review it occasionally to check it is all still working. Usually faults in your systems will show up in the form of customer complaints, staff grievances, and legal letters. Take note of these and adjust your systems and operations manual accordingly so the same mistake does not happen again in the future.

Some people are worried about losing control but systemisation is not about losing control over your business, it is about gaining control over your life.

Putting in a systemised structure and making your vision clear will unify your business.

Systemising your business will give you, your staff and your business structure, stability, control, sanity, efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and value. You will get more done faster, so more time to spend on other things.  More energy to be creative. Fewer mistakes made therefore less money and time spent putting things right.

If you would like help in systemising your business then please get in touch. A business review will give you a clear picture of how your business is performing and where there is still some work to be done.