chaos 1

Chaos in business is a very destructive thing.

Here are my tips to help you ditch the chaos:

1.     Set up systems for your administration, your records and filing!

Handle each document just the once. Act on it. File it.

2.     Check your financial reporting!

Are your systems giving you accurate and meaningful information? Can the HMRC, auditors and lending companies, use the figures it produces?

Accurate figures mean you can finance your business and get a good price when you come to sell.

3.     Keep on top of your cash flow!

Remember the mantra – Cash is king?

A robust system ensures that inaccurate or late invoicing is a thing of the past.

4.     Clear the clutter, whether it’s paperwork or electronic files!

Tidy up, and use systems to keep it all under control.

5.     Tackle customer complaints, and learn from them!

6.     Create your business strategy!

And ensure you share your business plans and goals with your team.

7.     Lead and direct your team!

Don’t keep key facts in your head. Learn to trust systems and your staff.

Good procedures, processes and systems mean the business works more effectively. They provide a solid foundation for the business to grow and excel. That way key tasks can be delegated.

That leads to more time for business owners to work ON the business rather than IN the business.

It just makes solid financial sense to invest in procedures, processes and systems.

So to recap, Nozey Parkers top tips to ditch the chaos are to:systemise, systemise, systemise; check your financial reporting; keep on top of cash flow; de-clutter; learn from complaints; create your business strategy; and lead your team.

Ditching the chaos will give you time and it’ll mean more money for your business. It’ll give you greater peace of mind and clarity to understand how your business is performing.

That’ll also mean you’ll be happier in other areas of life… and can make time for friends, family, holidays and hobbies.

You’ll also have more energy to run your business.